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Semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine Box Wrap 800B

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The model Box Wrap 800 B is a semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine for square or rectangular box. It is equipped with a digital lcd control panel that allows, in a very simple and functional way, to regulate the programs and the wrapping parameters easily. Machine controlled by PLC.

Technical features Box Wrap 800B

Machine structure in painted steel sheet
Film carriage by chain transmission
Maximum wrapping height: 1000 mm
Top press pneumatic unit
Environmental humidity conditions: ≤ 90\%
Operating Temperature range: +0° C to + 40 ° C
Machine controlled by PLC with digital text display
Film carriage fall protection system
Motorized pre-stretch set at 250\% with possibility to
interchange pre-stretch ratios (150, 200, 300\%)
Emergency stop in compliance with CE regulations
Lateral holes for forklifting of the machine
Inverter for soft start and indexed stop of the turntable
Number of rounds in bottom
Number of rounds in top
Adjustable turntable speed from 0 to 20 rpm
Carriage ascending and descending speed
Photoeye reading delay adjustable
Function Man/Aut.
Cycle ascending and descending
Cycle only ascending
Top sheet function
Roll film height: 250-500mm
Roll film diameter: max 280 mm
Air supply: 6 bar
Air supply tubes: 4-6Kgf/cm2
Max load weight: 80 Kg
Net weight machine: 150 Kg
Power supply: 1,25 kW
Machine dimensions: 1500 x 440 x 2230 mm


Machine made according to CE standards

Notes: Technical data subject to change without notice
The productivity depends on the type of Podotto


Dati tecnici
Carrello Prestiro motorizzato a rapporti fissi
Potenza installata 1,25 kW
velocitarotazione tavola 0-20 rpm
Velocita salita e discesa carrello 1,4-4 rpm
Tensione di alimentazione 220 volt 1 ph 50/60 Hz
Alimentazione tubi aria 4-6 kgf/cm2
pressione di esercizio 6 bar
Inforcabilita laterale
Caratteristiche prodotto lavorabile
Dimensioni LXW prodotto L=250-1000 mm W=200-1000 mm
altezza utile 500-1000 mm
Peso massimo del prodotto 80 Kg
Caratteristiche bobina film
Diametro esterno massimo 280 mm
Altezza bobina film 500mm
Spessore film da 12 a 35my
Diametro interno 76 mm
Peso max 20 Kg
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