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NB: In the case of companies snc-sdf-sas or individual, we ask you to indicate the Company full name of one of the partners (es.Rossi Computer Mario Rossi & CSNC)

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According to Art. 13 D. DECREE 196/2003 "Privacy code" the writing company provides the following information.

1) All information acquired by the undersigned company, as well as those that will be subsequently collected, concerning the management customers and suppliers, made by insertion into corporate databases for the purpose of evasion of legal requirements and contractual obligations, the internal organization of the work, statistical and others, however, related to the development of economic activity characteristic of our company. The treatment can be with or without the aid of electronic or automated means and shall include - within the limits and conditions of art. 11 of the code - all operations provided for by art. 4 paragraph 1 letter a) of the Code, necessary for such processing.

2) Without prejudice to the notifications made in fulfillment of the obligations of law or contract, all data collected and processed may be communicated to. sales network in domestic and agents, the company responsible for market research, potential business partners, third parties appointed by the company to perform in whole or in part its obligations under the contract or related to these, banks and credit companies in general, central risks and / or companies that manage commercial information services, business associations etc..
WARNING: Failure to provide the faculties which sub1) and our company prevent the conclusion of the contract or the continuation of the business relationship in place.

3) The possible spread of the data, however treated, will take place for any case related to the development of economic activity characteristic of our company. The processing of these data may also consist of their shared or sold abroad, both within and outside the European Union. The right are indicated in art. 7 of the Code, which is attached. The data controller is IMBALLAGGI SERVICE GROUP Srl
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